Malaria, School, and Road Schooling

We are back at school now after a rather lengthy Christmas break. Truth be told, our break didn’t feel much like a break so much as gasping for air and trying to find some semblance of normal. About a week before Christmas Wesley came down with malaria. Which was nuts because he hadn’t had it […]

Handicrafts + Fear + the Gospel

My sweet (ten year old) boy made this Christmas sign for me from pallet wood for handicrafts and I just love it! I shared this about it on Instagram earlier this week; Last week at a Christmas party I was admiring a friend’s tree she had made that was just like this one. Judah overheard […]

Traveling Homeschoolers | Nigeria part 5

I’ve followed with interest these world traveling homeschoolers. The ones who spend time around their cute little rental tables, RV porches, or camped out on a beach blanket doing a bit of traditional school (reading! writing! arithmetic!) and then immersing themselves in the local culture for the rest of the day. So when it became […]

Creating Your Own Cursive Worksheets

Creating your own cursive worksheets is super simple to do and has been a great solution for where we are currently at with cursive practice. Having worked through some cursive workbooks we are entering the delicate balance of “hey I got this!” to “I need a little more practice.” At 9 and 10 (year 4 […]