We Are Going Back {Nigeria}

Almost seven years ago I got on a plane, and 18 sleepless hours later disembarked with my babies on the other side of the world – Abuja, Nigeria. In the five weeks we were in Nigeria they were the dirtiest, happiest, and wore the least amount of clothing in public in their lives. (I’ve not included […]

Homemade Lemonade Recipe

Summer and lemonade belong together. I’ve tried to reason through how a lemonade recipe fits on a blog whose focus is homeschooling … and I can’t quite see how those fit – but this is truly THE BEST lemonade recipe and I wanted to share it! I found this recipe about ten years ago and […]

Charlotte Mason Printables

For those that are avid Charlotte Mason fans you have likely heard the happy news – the books have been republished by two different publishers so not only is the once out of print book now available, it is available with choices! To celebrate, I am giving away a few of my Charlotte Mason printables […]


I was out in my garden one evening and noticed how pathetic looking my parsley had become. Stunted, it had outgrown it’s container and was failing to thrive. The roots had no where to go to strengthen the growing plant. As I worked in the dirt to relocate my parsley to a larger pot I […]


Perhaps it is because we are in the middle of reading through the beautiful classic Pilgrim’s Progress right now, but NewSongs new song Christian is one of my favorites right now. I first heard it live at Winter Jam a couple months ago, but it’s played here often as the boys have also taken a […]