Building your own planner is, at first, an awkward and tedious process – but the longer you stick with it the better your planner will become! It will serve you, and the pages you select and the order in which you place them will be what is best for you. And! It is very inexpensive to make your own. The costs involved are your paper, printing, and binding. The binding is under $4 at your local office supply shop, and the paper and printing costs will depend upon your paper selection and your specific printer and ink, but it is low cost, too!

The process to make your own homeschool planner involves creating your own printables, using someone else’s free ones, or purchasing someone else’s. Plan out the order you want the pages to appear in your book. Once you have figured out what you want and where you will need to print them. This is perhaps the trickiest part as you will need to navigate which pages get printed on the backside of which pages – every year I make a few mistakes!

Once the pages are printed you will want to create a cover for your planner. I like to use 100lb cardstock and laminate it. I have my 2016/2017 planner cover available for purchase in my etsy shop, but you easily make your own. Consider using family pictures and make a collage style cover. I really like laminating mine to give it a basic protection from accidents and to make it a bit sturdier. I own a laminater, but if you do not your local office supply store should be able to do that step, too.

When you have the pages printed, organized in the order you want them, and a front and back cover take all of these to your local office supply store and ask them to coil bind it. They may give you the option of which color coil you want.

Please note : my planner pages will be available on here, for free, shortly.