I was out in my garden one evening and noticed how pathetic looking my parsley had become. Stunted, it had outgrown it’s container and was failing to thrive. The roots had no where to go to strengthen the growing plant. As I worked in the dirt to relocate my parsley to a larger pot I […]


Perhaps it is because we are in the middle of reading through the beautiful classic Pilgrim’s Progress right now, but NewSongs new song Christian is one of my favorites right now. I first heard it live at Winter Jam a couple months ago, but it’s played here often as the boys have also taken a […]

Faithfulness in Little Things

Faithfulness in Little Things A little thing is a little thing. But faithfulness in little things is a great thing. – Hudson Taylor I find this truth to be one of the hardest to embrace – in part because the little things are so mundane and unglamorous, and in part due to how hard being […]

Finishing Well

I started collecting my words on paperΒ when I was 8. I have my very first journal (…and the dozens that followed…) tucked away. I believe the first entry went something like this; “I turrned eght today. Grandpa and Grandma gave me a watch. I saw a got.” That was a goat, if you missed it. […]

Through Hard Times |

I am due for an update, and so this will be my Beautiful Feet History curriculum Review, but at the same time it is also going to be an open and raw look at the challenges we have faced in this season – it’s the beauty and handicap of home education – the weight of […]