Winter Camping

“Mommy, how cold would I need to be to freeze to death?” He had asked me this question as we basked in the heat of the campfire but at 4 in the morning, literally hangingΒ out amongst the trees, the question was enough to draw me from the warmth of my sleeping bag and hammock to […]

When You Give a Boy a Shovel | When Children Play

I am amazed at what children are capable of when children play. The past couple of weeks have found the boys devoting many hours and burgeoning muscles to, what they are calling, their bomb shelter. Schemed up and labored over entirely alone. Tucked in a little tree line on our property – in other words, […]

A Love for Nature Study Emerges

How does one start ‘nature study’? What does nature study look like? What books will help in my journey? How do I learn names of trees and plants? These were questions I wrestled with and while we are still very early on in our journey I have seen progress from knowing nothing to where we […]