Developing a Habit of Putting Away What You Touch

habit-putting-awayThis months plan is very, very simple – every other month I have had a day by day plan for a story, activity or object lesson to point us towards the habit but this month, for this particular habit of put away what you touch, I thought it best to simply buckle down and focus each day on doing just that. No stories. No activities. Just do it.

Intentionally nurturing good habits in our children takes time and effort. I passionately believe this is so worthwhile! Equally so – it should not be a heavy weight and another thing on the “to-do” list. Good habits are best lived out, and while we will always be learning along side our own children, our extra years on earth lend some experiences and lessons we can share with our children, so with that in mind, please do fill it in with your own experiences to share of yourself with your children.

intentionally nurturing good habits in our children

It’s a habit I need to strengthen in my own life and this simple approach has been good for me as well as for the children.

There are enough every day moments where we can exercise the habit of putting away what we touch that making a specific plan seemed like entirely way more work than it would be worth while. Because simply putting things away takes way more effort than it should.

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