Games That Nurture a Habit of Keeping Your Word

games for learning the habit of keeping your word

I am convinced that you can learn just about anything through playing games!

I have found a few fun games that help build up this habit of keeping your word. Some of the games may need the idea of keeping your word discreetly thrown into the description of how to play the game. You know your kids best and should judge whether spelling it out and making things obvious, discreetly turning their attention towards it by a few brief words, or simply playing the games would be best for your group and reinforcing this habit.


 Mother May I? -{note: there are several variations of this game! This is the version I chose to play to reinforce this habit} Designate one player as “mother.” The other players line up side by side at the other end of the room.

Each player then asks the “mother” if they can move a certain amount of steps, for example; “Mother, may I move 3 giant steps forward?” Mother responds with either “Yes you may” or “No you may not”. If granted permission the player moves the amount of steps they asked for {hence, following through with what they said they would do!}

Go Fish – a simple card game that requires players to correctly respond with whether they have the requested card or not. You can find this cheaply at your local Dollar Tree.

I Spy – A more abstract game that allows a player to think of any item in the room and the other players need to guess the item. The player thinking of the item needs to exercise the habit of keeping their word as they respond with yes or no to the others guesses.

Minus a Word Meal – A funny game that has each participant choose a word {or the whole group agree on one word} that they will not say during lunch. Have each person agree to not say the word. If they mess up they’re either out or get a wooden clothes pin stuck on them as a “mark”. Encourages players to contemplate what they are saying.

Play Doggy Doggy Whose Got Your Bone? – You can read how to play this simple child’s game here. Most young children, upon being asked if they have the bone, prefer to deny that they do rather than fess up. This is a great game for exercising keeping your word, meaning what you say!

Guess Who? Board Game  – A classic board game where you answer yes or no to questions about the description of the card your opponent is trying to guess. An excellent game to reinforce meaning what you say.

See more on the habit of keeping your word and other good habits to be teaching our children here.

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