Homeschool Mother’s Journal YR 4/5 WK 7

I didn’t mean to go all week without a new post, but between last weekend being a three day drill for Paul and then Irma striking and our power being out for most of Monday and some of Tuesday morning things got shuffled around a bit, so here is my journal entry on our school progress for the week – plus lots of other details about our week!
During the storm I managed to steal some hours to read one of my favorite magazines – Flow. It is a little pricy, but I scour the web for deals (I’ve paid about $15 each for the couple copies I have read) and they are SO good. Very thoughtful and well written articles. Totally worth putting on your wish-list if husbands or parents collect such lists.

We made steady progress into the second half of term two of years 4 and 5 with Ambleside Online. I had wanted to share about the new books I added to my oldests reading schedule but will have to do that next week.

Snap Circuits were pulled out during the storm and we YouTubed some ideas others have done to convert the set into an iphone charger. Turned out we didn’t have quite enough pieces, but it was educational and we figured out how to do it – even though we couldn’t do it. Have your kids been introduced to Snap Circuits? We have had them for a few years and the boys go through stages of playing with them, then tuck them away to be pulled out again months later.

During the storm we check on our honey bees – most were inside, but these wet bees were huddled together and soaking wet! I was literally this close to them and they didn’t pay any attention to me! We also attempted to fly a kite – and were thoroughly unsuccessful. We blame it on a cheap kite. I told this to the mailman and he laughed and asked me if I thought Benjamin Franklin had an expensive kite … which made me laugh. And really, I just love that we have a chatty mailman who has a fun sense of humor.

We play a lot of games as a family and this week as we were playing Settlers of Catan I noticed the increased skill in our youngest. It is a strategy game and it is neat to see that skill grow in him – and of course fun as he becomes an actual challenge in the game.  Our new grocery item of the week was Tamarind – I saw it in the produce section and had NO clue what it was. I had never seen or heard of it (that I know of!) in my life. I took a bunch of pictures and some video and will share it hopefully next week because we learned SO much about this tart fruit and it is totally something everyone should pick up and try once!

Weeks ago I ordered 17lbs of uncured olives from an Olive farm in California and they arrived today. I am so excited to figure out how to cure them and then to eat them! Look at these beauties!
I read this quote somewhere and it has stayed with me as one of those gems to hold on to when things are tough;

We before me. He before we.

Marriage is hard work, but it is a glorious work that the Lord can do in two people that will submit to Him. We are around each other all of the time – with me homeschooling and him working from home. We know how things go when we want our own way, and it’s not good. So this reminder is on the letterboard to remind us – we want Christ preeminent in our lives and in our marriage.

Finally, since I am already off track for homeschooling related subjects – I have updated my etsy shop over the last few weeks and have some cute new prints AND some pillows!

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