Winter Camping

“Mommy, how cold would I need to be to freeze to death?” He had asked me this question as we basked in the heat of the campfire but at 4 in the morning, literally hanging out amongst the trees, the question was enough to draw me from the warmth of my sleeping bag and hammock to […]

When You Give a Boy a Shovel | When Children Play

I am amazed at what children are capable of when children play. The past couple of weeks have found the boys devoting many hours and burgeoning muscles to, what they are calling, their bomb shelter. Schemed up and labored over entirely alone. Tucked in a little tree line on our property – in other words, […]

Faithfulness in Little Things

Faithfulness in Little Things A little thing is a little thing. But faithfulness in little things is a great thing. – Hudson Taylor I find this truth to be one of the hardest to embrace – in part because the little things are so mundane and unglamorous, and in part due to how hard being […]

Finishing Well

I started collecting my words on paper when I was 8. I have my very first journal (…and the dozens that followed…) tucked away. I believe the first entry went something like this; “I turrned eght today. Grandpa and Grandma gave me a watch. I saw a got.” That was a goat, if you missed it. […]

Handicraft || Homemade Butter

  Homemade butter is a wonderful treat as well as a rather enjoyable activity, and while perhaps a stretch to be considered a handicraft, it fits within our lifeskills/handicraft ideals we want our sons to know. Homemade butter is a great activity to do while reading through a book series such as Little House on […]