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I have a little love thing going for pens and I have been wanting to share the best black pens I have discovered on here for FOREVER as almost all of my favorites have come from recommendations of others over the years.

As a journal devotee, note taker, list maker and letter writer there is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful pen with a good flow and solid color. I am ever slowly inching into the beautiful world of hand lettering, an art I adore but don’t make quite enough time for to actually progress, and these pens feed that hobby. pens

{I have favorite colored pens and highlighters, both of which will come in follow up posts}

Amazon links are used – for the most part they have the best prices and they are the only source I have found for full packs of the 005 Micron, which I use a lot. You shopping via my links supports my blog and I am so appreciative of that!

{Sharpie fine point is in my pen arsenal, but didn’t make the cut as a favorite. I know many people adore it, but I find that I just don’t tend to use it very often. But you can see it in action above.}

So here it is – my list of the best black pens:best-black-pen

Stabilo – I purchased the full pack of colors just over a year ago when my best friend was visiting and had them for her morning journaling. The whole set of colors are beautiful, and the ink glides wonderfully, with a fine tip for precision. Primarily use it for letter writing and note taking.

Pentel sign pen – This pen is a bit too thick for regular letter writing, and does bleed through finer paper. It writes really well though, and I enjoy using it for lettering projects.

Sakura 1.0 mm – purchased as a set with the 3.0 mm (and the 2.0 mm – but I lost mine – it’s great too!) the Sakura 1.0 mm is a fine point pen that is excellent for letter writing. This tip is rounded.

Sakura 3.0 mm – This bolder tip makes it a nice option for lettering or doodling. The tip is flat, which is a nice difference from the 1.0 mm

Micron 005 – I buy these extremely fine point pens in sets of 6. These are probably my most beloved pens, and I use them sparingly. If pushed too hard on the tip the precision is lost, and I then relegate the pen to my regular letter writing or note taking pen. But while the tip remains sharp I use these delicate pens for writing on the margins of my Bible. They can write very small and do not run.

Micron 01 – this (and below) came in a multipack (which includes the 005 if you want to just try it out without committing to a large pack). They are also good for Bible note taking as they do not bleed through, and are wonderful letter writing pens.

Micron 08 – see above!

Bic Ultra Fine – This is one of my favorites for note writing in church – it has a wonderful flow and a great thick grip that is comfortable for holding and writing relatively quickly. It does bleed, so thicker paper is needed and/or not double sided writing. I bought the multi color pack and like the color selection. This is also a fun pen to use for chunkier lettering.

Pilot 2.4 – Paul bought me this set of 4, but these 2 are the favorites that I tend to use over and over (but, would recommend them all!) The 2.4 calligraphy pen is perfect for fancy envelope decor and other lettering projects.

Pilot 6.0 – (see above) also, this is the largest pen width I own and its uses are somewhat limited, and yet useful for certain lettering projects.
If you have a favorite black pen that I missed, please share! Christmas is coming and the husband could use some gift ideas. haha.

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