My top five favorite online resources for homeschool was hard to narrow down – there are SO many excellent options available!

I hear time and time again from my older homeschool mama friends how easy I, and my peers, have it today to educate our children from home with the access of information and resources we have online. I know it to be true – I was homeschooled myself and the world of homeschooling looks entirely different today than it did through my own childhood. Sometimes I feel like the abundance is a bit much, and at times even detrimental, but mostly I am thankful that when a boy asks me a tough question I, in turn, can ask google or siri.

There are so many resources that I love, this list is strictly favorite online resources for homeschooling. (so hard to limit!)

1. My number one favorite resource is Overdrive. We primarily use it as an app on our mobile devices, but have on occasion accessed it through the website on our computer. Overdrive plugs you into your local library’s online digital library of books, movies, and audiobooks. We use it all of the time for audiobooks. One regions offerings will vary from another, and we have found it worthwhile to access overdrive through our own local library system and also through my sister’s local library system – the selection varies between the two.

To use Overdrive you will need a local library card and, I believe, a PIN from your librarian for your initial set up. (That is how it use to be!)
Huge bonus to using Overdrive is that there are never late fees!

2.  Amazon (Prime)  – with free two day shipping, movies, and music library Amazon has become a surprising stalwart resource.
It’s easy to make up playlists of composers we are studying – to play on the computer or on my phone.
The reviews are thorough (even if you don’t purchase from Amazon, it has been an excellent resource for reviews when I am in a rush.)
The app allows you to scan book covers in rapid succession, and then you can go back and read the reviews and book summary. This is INVALUABLE when you purchase books at thrift stores and library sales.
And the added bonus of the movie selections is nice, but Netflix has a better selection, in my opinion.

3. Circe Institute produces my favorite homeschool related podcasts. I finish each one inspired and uplifted. I use the podcast app to listen, but their website contains the podcasts as well as other interesting resources, so it is worth poking around.

4. Factory Tours USA is a fantastic collection of factories that can be found throughout the USA. It is well organized by state and easy to navigate. This is an invaluable resource for any family that enjoys traveling and adventuring. And while yelp and trip adviser are both utilized and extremely useful for making the most of traveling, this factory tour is focused on educational trips and is a wonderful resource.

5. Pinterest – is this generic to list as a favorite resource? I hope not. It’s truly a useful tool that has helped both in the organization of ideas, inspiring ideas, and finding the perfect project or paper for specific needs. I turn to Pinterest before google for most school related searches. (but, as with anything, double check resources and information!)

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