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Hey! I’m Jessica – and maybe you know me from the various places I poke around the web, or you’re my in real life friend ( <3), or you’re new here – whomever you are, and whatever got you here, welcome and thanks for being here!

This little corner of the web has been on my heart for a long time, and I am thrilled it is finally coming together.

Wonder and Wildness is a place to ignite and excite the joyful journey we are on as homeschool moms.

Once upon a time I sat beside a beautiful, brilliant woman that was many seasons ahead of me in the mothering adventure. When she heard I was homeschooling my boys she asked deep, thought provoking, and somewhat personal questions about the details of our journey as well as homeschooling on a state level. I was a bit taken aback by the direction of her questions but, having nothing to hide nor fear,  I indulged in her question asking and answered all of her questions based on my experience and my own understandings and observations. When our conversation was coming near its end she said;

“I wish someone would have answered all of this for me 15 years ago. I wanted so badly to homeschool my son, but I never understood how.”

It blew me away. Here was a pulled together, professional woman asking me the tough questions that I fully assumed meant she was judging me and my choice, and yet she just genuinely wanted to know how it all worked.

I don’t know all the answers. No where close.

But I saw first hand how much it meant to her to have a safe place to ask the hard questions, and how even if I didn’t know the answer that was in and of itself an answer. No one knows it all, but we can walk forward with the information we know, with minds open to gleaning more, and hearts willing to change as we learn.

I am happy and confident with this choice we have made for our family to homeschool our boys and I am more than happy to explore questions and/or concerns that others have about the ins and outs of homeschooling.

I’m happy to talk about what we do, not because it is the best way or the only way, but to give a glimpse of how things work in our home.

I believe anyone can homeschool should they choose to, but that it’s not the right answer for every family. It is the beauty of us as people – we are all different.
We are all created differently – and while we, as believers, are all to bring honor and glory to the Lord, our education choices are not our platforms. Our children aren’t our platforms.

In Joel 2:13 it says:

“Rend your heart not your garment.”

and in 1 Samuel 16:7 we are told:

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.”

Our hearts – that is what the Lord wants surrendered to Him. And yes! we are to be faithful. Diligent. Intentional. Guiding and teaching our children.

No path guarantees children that will go on for the Lord. But the Lord is faithful and is working in our own child to woo them unto Himself- regardless of our strengths and shortcomings. Because He is faithful and good. And His promises are true.

Don’t shoulder the weight of the burdens that the promises of the Lord release us from.

Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly with {our} God.

It is my prayer that Wonder and Wildness will encourage your journey, and remind you of the joy that is there in the everyday because of Christ Jesus.

  1. Creating a homeschool atmosphere
  2. How to start homeschooling
  3. Seeking balance – how to balance it all
  4. Encouraging good habits in our kids


  1. I hold three citizenships – Canada, USA, and Heaven.
  2. I like to have multiple books going at a time and read in a loop.
  3. Paul and I are opposites and the Lord knew we each needed that.
  4. Tea is just as popular a choice as coffee when it comes to a hot drink.
  5. I like new foods, new places, new challenges and new people.
  6. I sell on ebay and etsy.
  7. I love yard sales. The unknown potential excites me.
  8. I was homeschooled from grade 6 through 12.
  9. Campfires are a very favorite way to spend a chilly evening.
  10. I have lived in three states since marrying Paul almost 12 years ago.
  11. Ten of those years have been lived in the same city in Georgia.
  12. I keep a notebook just for questions. When I come across a good one I write it down.
  13. I am more organized in my head than I am in person.
  14. British home decor magazines are my fave. And have a friend that passes her old ones on to me.
  15. If I could pick one food to eat forever it would be steak.
  16. I can listen to the same song over and over and not be bothered by the repetitiveness.
  17. Sons of Korah and Psallos are constant favorites to listen to. (Psalms and Romans set to music.)
  18. Mornings are a struggle. My mind comes alive at night.
  19. Photography is a fun little hobby I sometimes dabble in.
  20. Patterned napkins make me happy. I might just have a collection.
  21. I am really bad at kite flying. And water skiing. And other things that require physical endurance.
  22. Lots of company is the exact motivation I need to clean my house.
  23. I do not enjoy house cleaning. I keep hoping it will come with maturity. No luck yet.
  24. My husband is my favorite person to talk to, yard sale or play games, and otherwise do life with.
  25. We use to own a dog. He had to be rehomed and now we own a bird. Named Titania. Thanks, Shakespeare.
  26. Artisian soaps are my fave. And one of my closest friends makes it!
  27. Games make up a big part of our family life. We enjoy playing different ones together.
  28. I like being alone.
  29. I stock up on all the summer produce and freeze it for winter consumption. Canning isn’t my thing.
  30. Furniture is ALWAYS being rearranged in my house! My people are sweet to me and help move the big stuff.



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