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We are five weeks into year 4/5 following Ambleside Online and Halliburton’s Book of Marvels is very clearly becoming our favorite book. I’d had an inkling it might become that, so selfishly chose to read it to both boys this year rather than have just my oldest read it himself.
It has been SO great reading the Book of Marvels together. Every chapter has elicited a reaction of awe from them, as well as a strong desire to travel and visit the sites. Yes, please! There isn’t much I love more than watching my boys reaction to new information. It is delightful.

While the book descriptions are vivid and beautiful the pictures themselves leave a lot to be desired with their lackluster black and white graininess. So each chapter finds me searching for corresponding videos of each location – and I thought I would share the ongrowing list with you here! Organized by chapter you will find videos that we have watched and found helpful to help understand more what is being described in the Book of Marvels. This in no way takes the place of reading this beautiful book but is rather meant to be a companion to the Book of Marvels.

The Book of Marvels has recently been reprinted by Living Book Press, and while I have not seen a copy of them myself I have heard great things about them! They are going to be your cheapest source, unless you happen to be one of the fortunate ones to find an elusive copy at a thrift store! I paid $35 for my damaged copy from Ebay, which is on the very low end.

In some cases the original marvel discussed in the book has been replaced with something new and I have tried to find videos that honor the old and the new.

I have turned off suggested videos with each of these, but please use your own discernment for letting your child watch these online.

Chapter one – Transbay Bridge

A sweet and sad tribute to the original Bay Bridge (as talked about in the book) and the new bridge being built in its place:

Chapter two – Golden Gate Bridge

The quality of this one is old and grainy, but the information of the netting is so good, as is the original footage that is used!

Chapter three – Yosemite Valley

A well done gopro HD video of a climb of halfdome, with gorgeous scenery!

Chapter four – Grand Canyon

On Powell’s expedition

Drone footage of the Colorado River

Chapter five – Boulder (Hoover) Dam

An amazing look at the Hoover Dam with an engineer host sharing his excitement over it.

Chapter six – Niagara Falls

There are so many amazing drone videos on the falls. I picked out this one because it has great aerial footage, showing off the horseshoe shape in such a unique way – and it’s short!

Chapter seven – New York City

This city was so hard to find a good video for – and then I found two amazing ones!  Note: there are many amazing drone videos, but a lot of the ones I previewed had raunchy music or were SUPER long! The first is drone footage at night, the second is a computer generated look at the city growing over 500 years.

Chapter eight – Washington DC

I chose this video because the info is solid and it covers the locations covered in the book … even if it is a marketing ploy put out by a realtor. It was the most pleasant, clean, and brief clip I could find and it will be a great visual for the kids to see the places Halliburton is discussing.

Chapter Nine – Fort Jefferson

Mama’s, if you’re not reading this book out loud, make sure you don’t miss this chapter in Halliburton’s book! Thus far, it is by far my favorite! It gave me chills to read the letter he shared at the end. SUCH a beautiful way for our children to be learning about history! This video covers much of what is in the chapter with the story of Dr. Mudd and gives some beautiful aerial shots of the fort.

Chapter 10 – Mexico, Popocatepetl Smoking Crater

I chose two clips for this week, the first is a very recent live camera of Popocatepetl smoking. The second is a really interesting video with incredible footage of another volcano. There are false accounts going around of it being Popocatepetl, but this video link is shared by National Geographic and they say this volcano in the second video is located in Vanuatu. It is SO interesting!

update: I have created a playlist on Youtube for these videos. I don’t know that each weeks videos will come from Youtube, so check back here if it is missing a week or two.

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