Feast for the Famous | Celebration of Books | Term 2

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed our second Feast for the Famous dinner celebrating the good books we had read during term two of our grade 3 and grade 4 year. We utilize Ambleside Online as well as Beautiful Feet Books A History of Science

The boys picked out ten characters from our various readings through term two and then assigned a food to each person, which we then put all together into one big feast.

The weather was beautiful on the evening of our feast so we celebrated outdoors while my mom and sister and baby nephew were in town. Another friend also joined us for the evening.

Paul made the wooden table and benches for me and they’re some of my favorite pieces of furniture – they’re easy to move around to wherever they need to be!

Menues were again used for the dinner to connect each food item with their historical person. The boys chose each of the food connections and came up with the little descriptions.

I think Philopeomen, from Plutarch, was my favorite. We had read one of his battle accounts of having a spear run through his thigh and the eight year old immediately thought of having dough wrapped asparagus to look like a spear through flesh. Ours didn’t end up looking so fleshly, but the idea was a great one!

The boys worked hard on creating Lego scenes to represent the various characters.Paul surprised us at dinner with a selection of poetry from a handful of our characters – many of them were not gifted poets. Haha. As our after dinner entertainment the boys brought out their jelly bean game for everyone to play. It was hilariously disgusting and Esther wins best Aunt award for playing endless rounds with them over the next twenty four hours until all of the nasty flavored jelly beans had been consumed. My cutie nephew, who mostly loved me but sometimes was unsure.The food had its own table as we were fairly squished, but it worked well to pass the foods around one at a time, in order of appearing on the menu.

It’s hard to believe we have only a few months remaining and grade 3 and 4 will be complete! This Feast has become so special to us – as I read through stories to the boys they often stop to contemplate if this person should be included in our next feast or to comment on which food item would either match their personality or represent their life.

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  1. What a beautiful idea! I really love how this helps to end a term on such a great note and helps them to think of the readings in a creative way.

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