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homemade butter | handicraft

Homemade butter is a wonderful treat as well as a rather enjoyable activity, and while perhaps a stretch to be considered a handicraft, it fits within our lifeskills/handicraft ideals we want our sons to know.
Homemade butter is a great activity to do while reading through a book series such as Little House on the Prarie.

How to Make Homemade Butter


Heavy Whipping Cream


Jar with lid (fun for the kids!)
Food processor  (gets the job done with less work)

How to make butter by shaking:

Pour the cream into the jar – make sure the jar is large enough to give it room to move around. We started out with a small jar and ended up switching jars halfway through. After roughly 8 minutes of shaking the cream will have turned into a ball of butter!

How to make butter in a food processor or blender:

Pour the cream into the food processor and blend until a ball of butter forms.

After the butter forms in the jar or in the food processor:

You will have both the ball of butter and buttermilk – separate the two.
Then rinse off your butter with water.
Salt if desired and enjoy!

Making the butter was a really fun family activity that all members enjoyed – both the work of creating and most especially the enjoyment of.

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