Homeschool Mother’s Journal YR 4/5 WK 3

I am ever thankful for the flexibility that homeschool offers. Truly, all of life is learning and to not be bound to a desk and chair and textbooks for six hour days opens up many channels for learning.

In the past week we have done a little bit of traveling – first to Greenville, SC to attend a large book sale and had a scary call that resulted in three broken teeth. If you’re local we have the best dentist! The fall occurred Saturday and by Monday afternoon Judah’s three teeth had been fully examined and repairs done. We are so thankful the damage wasn’t any worse.

Thursday we headed north again – this time to a funeral north of St Louis. I intended to post this update on Friday from a hotel, but everything that could have gone wrong on this trip did – so it is Tuesday and I am just now sharing about our third week of homeschool!
We came home weary and took two more days off of school – truly so thankful for this flexibility that allows for nurturing of the whole body, soul and mind.

This week we relished in our Book of Marvels reading on Yosemite. This is one of the rare books and is a bit pricey – I paid $35 for my copy and that’s definitely on the lower end of what I have seen the book sell for. If you ever see it BUY IT! It is SO good. After our reading we spent some time looking at a family member’s pictures from her trip to the park and Youtube videos of half dome and the climbing cables. Y’all! I had no idea! Check out these two that give a pretty good idea of what the ascent and descent are like! (And the above pictures are from a brief pit stop we made enroute to the funeral – the boys love climbing anywhere they can!)

My oldest could barely watch and my youngest was begging for us to go visit and try to climb!

I am excited about this weeks printable! A sweet “home sweet homeschool” print for your wall! Click here or on the image below for the pdf – and if you love this it would be SO helpful if you would share it on your favorite social media site! Thanks! And I hope your week is full of beautiful moments, despite the chaos that is inevitable.


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  1. Super cool entry. You are such an active family I can tell your kids probably never get bored with school. We also did Ambleside while doing CM, but I just felt the CM approach wasn’t working for us anymore, so this year we will venture off and do something more eclectic for learning. We’ll see!

    1. It totally isn’t for everyone! Hope you quickly find what works for your family!

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