Favorite Bible Songs For Kids

I am so thankful for this age we live in with such a wide variety AND easy access to so much good music – especially the Bible songs for kids. They are such a wonderful tool to use to play in the background while they play, in the car while traveling, or during quiet time or bedtime. My boys are now older but I wanted to share my favorite Bible Songs for kids that span back from their infancy to where we are now (ie: they enjoy Winter Jam.) I have very roughly broken down the music into ages for quick reference, but please know this isn’t a hard and fast rule – in fact I used Dana Dirkson a lot in my K through third grade Sunday School class (and I have her listed in the under 5 category.) If you’re in a rush I recommend jumping to the age range of your children, if you have a bit more time check it all out because many can transcend ages.

Under Age 5 Bible Music for Kids

Dana Dirkson  has done a remarkable job with her Questions with Answers volumes. They are so good y’all! Through song she teaches foundational doctrine to children – “Who Made God?”, “Who are the Three Persons of God?” Bible verses are incorporated into the answers of the songs, too. It is a remarkable resource and one I highly recommend!
Her Songs for Saplings  album is for the slightly younger crowd (maybe 3/4?) She sings through the ABC’s using Bible verses. It is a lovely baby gift, too!

–  Steve Green  – I grew up with Steve Green (on VHS) and I still know all of the verses I learned through his songs. It was on my must-have list for my own children and was happy to see they have created a cd/dvd duo for both volumes. In church when a speaker talks about the tongue my youngest is sure to grab a hold of his, thanks to Steve Green’s “Keep your tongue from evil” song.

Hidden in My Heart is a sweet collection of scripture sung to lullabies. This is my go-to baby shower gift and is more for the baby/toddler age.

Praise Baby cds and dvds that are somewhat of a Baby Einstein in nature but with praise music. The praise songs are beautiful and gentle enough for bed and the dvds are nice and calming.

Children’s Music (5 on up)

  Seed’s Family Worship   has taken Bible verses and put them to music – they are fun and catchy tunes and something we as parents have enjoyed listening to (and I have found myself recalling a lot of these verses myself.) When you buy a cd you get two identical cds – one for yourself and one to giveaway – a ‘seed’ you can plant in the life of another. I HIGHLY recommend their music!

  Hymns for a Kids Heart  is done by Joni Ericson Tada. This series with a book/cd combo shares the life story of hymn writers and one of their hymns. The cd is a collection of the hymns featured in the book. It is a wonderful way to teach young ones these hymns that contain rich truths about Christ.

–   Jamie Soles is one of my favorite artists for Bible Songs for Kids. He has a true gift with words. Want your kids to know the Kings of Israel? The Sons of Jacob? Judges of Israel? How about the offerings needed for the OT sacrifices? His songs are fun and packed full of Biblical truths that are important, and yet often dull for children to learn.

Bible Songs For Kids of All Ages

  Son’s of Korah  was introduced to me years ago and it is my go-to favorite. They sing Psalms and it is beautiful. Unlike the other music selections listed above it is not aimed at children what so ever, but both of my boys enjoy the music and I have caught them singing bits and pieces of various Psalms from the cds we have. The one negative is that they do not reference which Psalm is being sung.

Psallos is another incredible group that sings scripture – they sing through Romans, paraphrasing it well. It is another album the boys have enjoyed, but it truly ministers to my heart.

I am sure more will come to mind over time, but these are the beautiful ones I cherish deeply and unequivocally recommend.

As one last thing, I want to mention the Audio Bible   and using it for children. One of the influences I most appreciate is the man who consistently encouraged us to immerse our children in the word of God. When they were about two and three we started using an audio Bible while the boys play – just in the background and we have listened through the entire Bible eight times, just by playing it during play time. They don’t give it their full attention, they sometimes wander in and out of the room. I may forget to turn it on for months at a time – but it is so, so worthwhile. It seeps in while they are otherwise occupying their hands. They ask me about it and tell me they miss it when I don’t play it for months on end.  And it is a wonderful way for a weary mother to listen to God’s word while busy children play.

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  1. I bought the Romans album after you recommended it and have enjoyed it a lot! Although, they don’t sing straight scripture, but more of a paraphrase and main ideas. Still great though!

    1. I will edit my wording – you are totally right and I didn’t mean to mislead! Glad you enjoy them!

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