How to Make Extra Money as a Homeschool Mom

A big challenge to homeschool families can be the single income, and the question of how to make extra money as a homeschool mom (or dad, in some cases!) can be a struggle. There are so many variables to take in to account- from time, resources, skills, interests, fears and goals.
I know so many creative women who have found uniques ways how to make extra money for their families (should anyone ever like to share their own story on here please send an email and I would love to share your story!)
I always feel a bit like my little efforts aren’t very exciting or worth noting, but as I look over the past year I can see growth and that the efforts have paid off, so I thought I would share about what I do over a series of posts this year and hopefully inspire those looking for little ways how to make extra money in their own homes.

The Details

In short, my efforts to make extra money are concentrated in a few arenas;

Ebay (and Poshmark)
Stock Photography
Affiliate links
Google Ads
Making dinner for a bachelor

To give you a real-time look as to what these earnings look like, as I am writing this my income stats for the day are as follows:

Ebay – $17 profit
Poshmark – $21 profit
Stock photography – $2 profit
Etsy – $5.40 profit
Adsense – $1.94
Affiliate links – $29.58

Those numbers go up and down and I don’t strive towards any sort of goal with those numbers. Perhaps I should, but I haven’t had the time or concern for that.

More Details

In the past I have also operated a small photography business and taught photography classes, however it has been over 18 months since either of those were pursued. I found that coordinating my schedule with my husbands schedule was far too challenging, and I lacked the time and energy to really boost either of those markets.
My efforts became focused on at home positions where I could work within whatever hours worked best for me. Apart from shipping items for Ebay and Poshmark, my money making ventures hold zero obligations to other people’s schedules. This was really important to me when considering how to make extra money as a homeschool mom. (side note: the dinner making does have a time commitment and an obligation to a person, but I feed him what I am already making for us and can walk it to his house each evening and it is super laid back – if I can’t feed him that evening he has a stash of freezer meals as back up.)
My time is most valuable to me, and I wanted to invest it where it counted – which for me meant combining skills, interests, and things I was already doing or easily able to do and turning them into streams of income.

Check out my etsy shop here!

Focus & Future

This year I am focusing on building my presence, and thereby income, on all of these platforms, but in the past there has been minimal efforts exherted – I even stopped my Ebay listings for a large portion of this year when we had some stressful months because I just couldn’t do one more thing. And while that may be a huge character flaw in myself, I simply cannot balance too many things when life gets overwhelming and it is nice to be able to ditch what I need to when I need to.

The income I have made has been our fun money. It’s paid for vacations, gifts, and little fun things. It’s also being saved for a second vehicle. It is in no way a full time income for us. It is entirely possible to create that, especially with Ebay, but it would be a trade off for time and so far I haven’t been able to give it that much time.

If you have questions I will happily address them in future posts! See my next post on selling on Ebay.

Questions to Consider When Contemplating How to Make Extra Money

  1. What are some of my talents, skills and interests that I could channel into streams on income?
  2. Consider which platforms do I have to market those talents, skills and interests to?
  3. Do I know what my goals are for bringing in some extra money?


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