Conversation Starters : Anniversary Questions Edition

Conversation Starters : Anniversary Questions EditionIn honor of our twelfth anniversary I curated a list of twelve anniversary questions for us to meander through as the weekend of our anniversary found us in the car traveling 2,000 miles. As I shared earlier this year in my first Questions for Conversations post, this art of thinking up questions and asking them of each other is a very favorite activity. (I know… we’re totally dorks. But thankfully, we are happy being dorks together.) These anniversary questions are easily tweaked to fit any year if you want to use them yourself with your spouse.

Truly, I think the joy of these questions is not necessarily found in the direct answers that correlate, but rather in the conversations and memories that are inspired from the questions.  I would ask him a question and ten minutes later we would laugh at where the conversation had taken us, then move on to the next question. It was so much fun remembering the people that have been there for us through the years. At the bottom you’ll find a printable pdf of all the questions if you want to print them.

Anniversary Questions for Inspiring Conversations

1. Who have been the cheerleaders in our marriage?

2. What helpful advice do you remember being given before our wedding?

3. What advice was not helpful?

4. What has surprised you most about me over the past 12 years?

5. Looking back over the past 12 years, what are the highlights that have shaped us into who we are?

6. What would you say our greatest strength is as a couple?

7. Who have been examples to us of a beautiful marriage?

8. Which books that we have read can you see having had an impact on our relationship?

9. Is there a single moment in our marriage that you could point at as being significant to where we are today as a couple?

10. What are your memories of our wedding guests on our wedding day?

11. Over the past 12 years what are the “God moments” where we clearly saw (or, looking back, now see) His leading and direction?

12. What can we actively do to make our marriage stronger?

I made this little print for Paul of the three cities we have lived in since getting married.

The printable of the Anniversary Questions can be obtained right here.

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